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Heat & Glo 130X AU Gas Fireplace Insert (Zero clearance gas )

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I30X AU Gas Fireplace Insert – Zero clearance gas

The ultimate insert for your existing fireplace, the I30-X features all the benefits of balanced flue technology and efficient space heating with a stunning high definition log set.

Dual flexi flues ensure a simple installation with one flue drawing air from outside for combustion and the other flue expelling the fumes.

This completely airtight fireplace allows for brilliant indoor air quality.

Choose from a range of décor finishing options including 3 & 4-sided black trims or a range of mantelpiece and fascia options to suit either a traditional or contemporary aesthetic.

The I30-X can also be built into a new fireplace application using hebel block or timber frame when using the I30-X Zero Clearance kit.

Fall in love with your fireplace again

Gather ’round what a fireplace is meant to be: the engaging focal point of your home. With big flames and classic styling, the I30 AU gas fireplace insert gives your old, drafty fireplace a beautiful makeover.

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Heat & Glo 130X AU Gas Fireplace Insert (Zero clearance gas )
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Removes any fumes or combustion exhaust efficiently and effectively from your home.


Monitors ignition at all times to assure safe performance and save energy costs.


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