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Escea Ambe Square series

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Square Series

Designed for the traditionalists, the Ambe Square Electric Fireplace is an easy and affordable insert for old open fireplaces.

Installed within the existing cavity, they bring warmth and soul back into old villas and bungalows, while its minimalist design makes it a beautiful in-built option for modern homes.

A deeper firebox makes room for a more lifelike fuelbed – while LED lights bring the fuelbed to life, mimicking glowing embers and giving you a ‘flickering flame’ effect.

With remote control operation, the power is in your hands. And with simple installation, Ambe couldn’t be easier. It’s a no-brainer, really.

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Escea Ambe Square series
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Product description

Realistic look

The Square Series has a deeper firebox, allowing more room for the realistic logs fuelbed. LED lights create a glowing ember bed and flickering flame effect, giving you the most lifelike experience.

Insert for open fireplaces

The modest dimensions of the Ambe Square make it the perfect fit for open fireplaces typical of living spaces and bedrooms in older homes.

Ease and convenience

Easy to install, easy to use. Installing this fire is easy – install straight into or against a wall, with no need for consent or gas connections. There’s no mess or maintenance, and simply adjust to your favourite settings via remote control.

Choose the look you love

The Ambe Square Series puts the design choice in your hands. Fully customisable, this series lets you choose from a range of modern fuelbeds, fascias and LED lighting displays.

Full control

The Square Series giv control of the LED lig flame and heat outpu on and off, change yo even set timers, all on touch panel control.

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