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Escea DF Series DF990

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Escea had renovators in mind when they designed the DF Series.

Smaller dimensions and flexible installation make the DF Series ideal for retrofitting into existing cavities.

There is one major difference with this retrofit fire – Direct Vent Power Flue technology. This innovation gives you the flexibility to put the fireplace wherever you like; without the need for cavities or even walls to install. This feature makes the DF Series just as suitable for modern new-builds as retrofits.

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Escea DF Series DF990
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Product description


These fireplaces have been designed for those who want to replace a traditional open-fronted fireplace with a modern and highly efficient fireplace. The DF Series gas fires can be installed in a timber-framed cavity, or in a brick chimney using flexi-flue extensions.


Escea indoor fireplaces are all glass-fronted with power flueing, so the room air
and the firebox air do not mix. This not only helps with heat efficiency, it also
makes them airtight and safe from fumes. Giving you a dry and healthy
home, with complete peace of mind.


Escea’s Powered Direct Vent Flue uses efficient fan technology to heat the
room but not the flue. The system also allows the flue to run up, down, and even
horizontally – giving you the design flexibility to put your fireplace anywhere.


Escea Smart Heat connects your fire to your home network and give
control of your fireplace from your smartphone. Whether you’re driv
from work on a cold winter’s night, or just relaxing on the couch…the
temperature is only a swipe away.


This fireplace has Zero Rated clearance which means the interior wall stays cool enough to
handle most materials. There’s no need for expensive fire-rated wall constructions and when
it comes to the fireplace surround, you have a wider range of choices.

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