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Jetmaster Quadrafire Expedition II

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The Quadra-Fire Expedition II is the focal point to any area. A traditional fireplace, sleek in design.

Quadra-Fire’s wood fireplace inserts can be installed into either an existing brickwork chimney, or into a new build using the optional zero clearance box.

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Jetmaster Quadrafire Expedition II
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Product description

Quadra-Fire Expedition II Features

  • 56,000 peak btu/hr output
  • Up to 240m squared heating capacity
  • Up to 8 hours burn time
  • A 61% – P 78% Efficiency
  • 1.4 g/hr emissions
  • 2.4 cu ft firebox
  • 520mm recommended log size
  • 200 cfm variable speed
  • 185kg kilograms

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